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Welcome to Jumpstart January!  Most of us find the start of a new year a good opportunity for a reset, and the acquisition of new health goals.  What are you hoping for?  I’d like to inspire you NOT to diet or detox, but to add in more goodness to your regular routine.  This can be done by choosing more nutrient-dense foods at each meal and adding in more vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, fibre, clean protein and good fats.  Your body will thank you for it!


This January I am teaming up with the exceptionally talented Mollie McLelland Morris, yoga teacher extraordinaire.  She will be providing movements designed to open, energise, and inspire you for the day.  And I will be providing new recipes that you can easily incorporate into your week – not too fussy, not too complicated, just tons of goodness.


During the entire month of January we’d like to send you three emails each week to help you along your path of wellness in 2018.  Sign up here, and please know that we definitely won’t spam you or share your email with anyone.

* Recipes to help you feel nourished and full, without feeling stuffed and heavy.
* Movement sequences to help you feel balanced and calm, without loads of sit ups.

and the best part is...


Ready to Jump?  To start?  Sign up here and let’s make 2018 a great year.


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